UI Improvements

I have implemented numerous improvements to the UI of the Spitfire Project Management System, adding new features and improving ease of use. Some notable improvements:

Client-side drag-and-drop, for attachment sorting


JSON-driven drop-down menus to hide, show, or expand various panels–the menus support both client-side and server postback actions, reporting to the server via an asynchronous call to a handler


A button to maximize a panel, visible on page 2 or later, using jQuery-based, client-side logic to detect the standard ASP.NET grid footer and enhance paging functionality


A formerly static, 3-column panel overhauled with jQuery and JSON to be flexible and customizable–the fully data-driven design loads asynchronously, supports 1-5 columns and allows every fact to be formatted and moved to any position


Various user settings, including the ability to select a preferred icon size