What We Offer

Our combined skill set includes:

Internal and External Communication

  • Blogging, including content creation and editing
  • Newsletters, including layout, content creation, editing and distribution
  • Practical Social Media and SEO
  • End User documentation
  • Copy editing
  • Creating (or maintaining) websites in Dreamweaver or WordPress
  • Custom software training

IT Infrastructure

  • Systems analysis
  • Planning and Road maps
  • Hardware, software and equipment recommendations
  • SQL Server Planning and Maintenance
  • Microsoft SQL Certified
  • MySQL
  • Virtualization (AWS, Microsoft Hypervisor)


  • Asynchronous Algorithms (for optimal performance)
  • Data Driven Design with rule-based logic (for long term flexibility)
  • Strongly Typed Interfaces with layered inheritance (for maximum extensible)
  • SOAP  and REST Web Services
  • XML and JSON
  • Visual Studio and VS.NET (C# and VB.NET)
  • PHP
  • JScript, jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Built-in Unit Testing