Our Clients

Our clients range from one-man companies to large organizations.

Here are a few of our clients:

  • Spitfire Management: We have provided technical writing, web management, client training and jQuery UI enhancements for this developer of the Spitfire Project Management System since 2006.
  • CNEWA: During the mid 1990’s, we implemented, deployed, trained,  and tuned client server windows UI and backend SQL Database for donor development, donation and beneficiary tracking.  The application we created was still in use as recently as 2014, and as far as we know is still in use today.
  • Downey Side: We converted an old, toy, Microsoft Access, application into a fully web-enabled client server application.
  • Medhumor Medical Publications: We helped this small company get started with its first websites and the 1st Edition of their study guide.   They were up and running, accepting online orders with true hands off e-commerce settlement in 1999 (before things were as easy as they are today)